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Latest tours in Colombia

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Cali Salsa City Tour

Starts on Jun 9th
Starts in Cali
3 horas 137.000 - 197.000 COP 1 - 4
posted 2 days ago
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Starts on Jun 1st
Starts in Buenaventura
1 días 0-1.500.000 COP 1 - 8
posted 3 months ago
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Previous traveller activities in Colombia

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Bailar Salsa

Starts on Feb 10th

Me gustaría ir a bailar Salsa en el Norte de Bogotá hoy en la noche. Alguien quiere venir?

posted 4 months ago, to women only

Pizza tonight?

Starts on Dec 15th

Anyone up for pizza tonight at Santa Maria (Chapinero) o Da Que Matti (Usaquen)?

posted 6 months ago

Botero Museum

Starts on Nov 30th

Hello :) I will visit the Botero Museum in Bogota sometime tomorrow. It would be more fun with some company. Send me a message, if you'd like to tag along.…

posted 10 months ago

Salt Cathedral Zipaquira

Starts between Nov 12th and Nov 13th

Hey, the salt cathedral in Zipaquira looks pretty spooky! Anyone up for a bus trip from Bogota? Should take about 1,5 h.

posted 7 months ago

Guasca Hot Springs

Starts between Sep 3rd and Sep 5th

Any lady here who would fancy a nice afternoon at the hot springs in Guasca? There is a bus from Chapinero to Guasca.

posted 9 months ago, to women only

Paseo Candelaria antigua

Starts on Mar 2nd

Visita Chorro de Quevedo

posted a year ago

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